How Do I Make Sure My Wedding Jewelry Matches My Gown? #AskDes


Usually, I’m in your inbox every week with my newsletter (not signed up? You can do that here–just scroll to the “Stay in the Know” section of the homepage). This week, though, all of you were in mine! I asked what was on YOUR minds and invited you to email me your #AskDes wedding planning and styling questions and did you ever! I sat down and read each and every email and felt like I was having a conversation with all of you beautiful brides. I can’t wait to answer some of the questions here!

Can you believe that today is the last day of January? Besides being the first month of the new year, January is special to me because Chris and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 18th. Our anniversary always takes me back to where it all began–to that moment outside of the Bachelor Mansion, that moment when Chris stepped out of a limo and we met eyes for the first time ever. When life gets busy and distracting, I like to pause and remember how crazy it is that we found each other. God had a plan for us both.

Now, onto the questions!

Kara asks: I’m trying to accessorize my wedding gown. My dress has a high neck and a low back and I’m struggling. What earrings go with my neckline and should I wear a bracelet? Thanks for your help! I love reading your website!

Your dress sounds gorgeous! High neck and low back? YES, PLEASE. For earrings, you need something a little more substantial than just studs to draw the eye upwards to your face. Go for delicate earrings that are about 1.5/2 inches in long–this length will frame your face and tie in with your neckline without dominating your overall look. You can also wear a bracelet, especially since high necklines tend to emphasize the shoulders and arms. Pick a thin bracelet so it doesn’t interrupt the beautiful lines of your arms. If you more sparkle is your style, consider layering thin bracelets as opposed to getting a chunky cuff because, with a high neckline, a cuff can shorten the appearance of your arm. Best wishes!

Lo asks: How do I balance my wedding jewelry? I want everything to coordinate but I don’t know how to figure that out, especially when most of it is online.

The perfect wedding gown needs the perfect accessories! Here are some principles to get you started and help you make sure everything “goes.” First of all, pair your jewelry with the style of your gown. For a modern wedding gown, go for sleek accessories and for a vintage dress, choose antique-inspired jewelry. Once you’ve determined the correct vibe, figure out the right metal tones for your gown and stick them for all of your jewelry. Gold goes well with ivory while silver and platinum match with white (if your gown is diamond white, go with whatever you prefer!).

Still in doubt? Purchase accessories from store with good return policies and bring a couple variations to your first fitting. Ask the stylists their opinions–they work with brides all the time so they will know how to guide you. Good luck and thank you for your questions!

I look forward to answering more of your questions next week!



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