The secret to stronger, more vibrant skin


The winter season brings an abundance of joy, holiday cheer, and cuddles in front of the fireplace with loved ones. And while all of these things are wonderful, there’s just one thing Winter is not great for… my skin! The colder, dry weather puts a damper (literally!) on the texture and vibrancy of my skin the second the temperature drops even 10 degrees. Since the endless layers of moisturizer can’t even beat the wreckage winter does to my skin I wanted to find a better way to keep my skin glowing all year round.

Part the clouds and cue the angels… I found a solution! ahhhhhhhhhhhh..

Jane Iredale, founder of skincare and makeup brand jane iredale and exclusive US distributor of The Skincare Supplements, is a beauty super heroine that has come to save your precious skin from winter’s unruly hand. When I was looking into trying something new for my skin I was impressed with the intensive knowledge and information behind The Skincare Supplements. Through 10 years of research, they found that ingestible supplements can affect just as much change to the skin as topical treatments and I would have to say, I believe it!  Since they are designed to increase the health and appearance of skin and to be paired with your skincare regimen already, you can experience faster and longer-lasting results at any age, with meaningful results in just one to three months.

It all starts with a skin quiz at to find out which Skincare Supplement solution is best for you. I ended up needing the Skin Omegas which is ideal for dry, sensitive skin. The ingredients help maintain a healthy lipid layer for a smooth and luminous complexion and are made up of omega-3 fish oil and omega-6 from evening primrose oil among others. It’s been over a month and I can honestly tell a difference in the strength and integrity of my skin. Just as I have been working out and eating right to get my body in shape and healthy, I understand that to feed my skin is to keep it healthy from the inside out.

It has been so easy to stay on top of my new found skincare regimen since I can keep the Skincare Supplements in my gym bag, at work and at home. I really wish you could feel my skin through the screen because it’s as soft and subtle as my baby’s bottom and I’m so thankful to have found this miracle worker!

If Skin Omegas doesn’t sound like the solution you would need, jane iredale offers other supplement options to cater to different skin types. Find out which Skincare Supplement is best for you now over at

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