The Bachelor Bracket: Arie


Welcome to another season of ‘The Bachelor’! Who is ready to get started!?!

I know I am! We got to know Arie a little bit on Emily’s season but that was like five years ago so I’m looking forward to seeing how much he has grown since and honestly, to see what kind of girl he is into now. I have met Arie before and can say that he is a genuine, kind man so I do hope the ladies measure up. From what I can tell so far, based on photos alone, Arie is going to have a very difficult time choosing. Would you like Miss America #1 or #5? They are all extremely stunning so I can’t wait to see the different personalities come out!

Head over to to meet the ladies we will be introduced to on Jan 1st, as ‘The Bachelor’ premieres and get a head start on your bracket!

Follow along as I fill in my top picks for Arie and share your picks below or on Twitter and let’s see who can get the most points! No cheating or spoilers, let’s have fun with it! 😉

Keep in mind that the numbers listed for each week are not a confirmed number and only based on past seasons.

How to play:

There’s two ways you can fill this out.

1.) Before the season starts, fill out each week with the name of the ladies you think will make it that week- including who you think he will choose as ‘The One’. This option is the most fun if you will be competing with others.

2.) Before the rose ceremony begins on the first night, fill out week 1 and the bonus questions. Before the next episode airs fill out the following week and so on all the way till the end.

PRINT the BRACKET off Here: Bachelor Bracket


xo Des

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