3 Wedding Hairstyles You Probably Haven’t Considered–And Should!


When it comes to wedding hair, most brides think there are two options: a curled up-do or down with waves. These looks are classics and work with most styles of wedding gowns but what if you’re wanting something a little more creative? If that’s the case, here are three underutilized wedding hairstyles that you may not be familiar with. So indulge your inner Rapunzel and take a look at these three options.

Down over one shoulder

Always wanted romantic mermaid waves but have a wedding gown with an intricate back that you want to showcase? Then this hairstyle is for you! Have your stylist curl your hair and pull all your luxurious waves over one shoulder, pinning it in place and pulling the opposite side tight against your head. She can even add some detailing by pinning up a few of the curls while letting the rest fall free. We love this hairstyle because it’s the best of both worlds: it has intentional styling, lets you have your hair down, but still showcases the back of your wedding dress. You can also incorporate a unique hairpiece, like a bejeweled side comb. You’ll feel so glam!

Fishtail braid with volume 

Are you a little bit sweet but also a little bit rock ‘n roll? Then consider this fishtail braid with volume up top! It’s an alternative look that still romantic and feminine but also fashion forward. Simply have your hairstylist create a faux-hawk up top and then create a loose yet textured fishtail braid (make sure she curls the ends so it looks complete!). We like how you can play up the romantic aspect by having your hairstylist pull out some loose curls around your face or how you can up the edgy factor by having her keep it tighter. This look is also great for accessorizing! You can easily have a ribbon or flowers or even a hair vine braided into it to add that perfect bit of wedding day drama.

Sleek ballerina bun 

This season, there were a lot of loose hairstyles–so a ballerina bun really stands out with its sleekness! A sits-on-the-crown-of-your-head bun is the epitome of style and elegance. Have your hairstylist start by putting your hair into a tight ponytail and then creating an intricate, woven bun that invokes the sophistication of Grace Kelly. You can really play it up by adding a sparkly hairpiece that wraps around the bun. Side benefit: this hairstyle highlights the neck and shoulders and automatically gives you the appearance of good posture!


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