How to Enjoy Your Wedding–Even if Something Goes Wrong


When it comes to your wedding day, it’s so easy for expectations to, well, not quite live up to reality. You put so much time, energy, and money into your special day that it’s hard to keep that bridal glow when a vendor delivery is late or your bridesmaids can’t quite figure out your bustle. However, you also don’t want to get caught up in snafus because your wedding day only happens once and, as so many of my brides have told me afterwards, it goes by very fast. But, with a little forethought, you can stave off any wedding day woes and really focus on what matters. Here’s how!

Something will probably go wrong…and embrace it! 

Weddings have so. many. moving parts. Not only are multiple vendors from different companies coming together for your wedding, you also have a ton of family members and friends involved, many of whom have wedding related tasks. With this number of personalities, jobs, and timelines, it’s normal for something to get forgotten, missed, or go just plain wrong. When I was getting married, it helped me to remind myself that everyone was there because they loved Chris and I and that they wanted our day to be as special as possible. That realization helped me have grace when the hiccups occurred and kept my focus on connecting with my loved ones.

Be ready to be creative…and flexible 

If it’s apparent that something is going wrong, take a few deep breaths and keep an open mind. Sometimes, a difficulty can seem insurmountable just because it’s happening and so many emotions are wrapped up in your wedding day but most can be easily resolved. For example, you can get wrinkles out of a veil by hanging near a hot shower, you can pull out wilted blooms from your bouquet, and you can do your bridal portraits after the ceremony if your photographer is running late. No matter what happens, you can figure out a solution and get on with enjoying your day!

Empower others to run cover for you…and trust them

Your wedding planner, venue staff, MOB, and bridesmaids are all there to help you. Give them a heads up the week before the wedding that, on the actual day, you trust them to figure things out on your behalf. This way, when minor issues occur, you won’t necessarily even know they are happening! Your vendors are professionals and, most likely, they’ve worked through tons of wedding-day problems. With their expertise, they will know what to do and how. And, when it comes to interpersonal issues (for example, a relative doesn’t like their seat at the reception), your MOB will have the 411 on the situation and can work with your wedding planner to figure out an answer. Your tribe wants you to have an awesome day so let them make that happen.

Find joy in the unexpected…and you might be surprised 

I once worked with a bride whose wedding day was filled with rain, despite a sunny forecast. No, umbrellas were never part of her plan but she went with it and was thrilled to find that her photos were beyond stunning with the dramatic sky and cute addition of umbrellas. Sometimes, things can work out even better than planned so stay calm and, as they say these days, carry on! You never know what might be a happy mistake or cherished memory that you wouldn’t trade for even the most perfect alternative.

A good sense of humor and ability to see the beauty in life’s variances will get you through anything, on your wedding day AND in life beyond!

Photographer:  Maura Jane Photography//Makeup Artist: c Johnson makeup//Apparel:Fiori Couture//Floral Designer: Hong Elder Floral Farm//Dress Designer: Teresa Romero Atelier//

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