Unexpected Wedding Flower Hacks that will Help You Save Big


What’s a wedding without flowers? Bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres are all iconic parts of the wedding and are just about as beloved as the veil or wedding gown. However, unlike the veil and wedding, you need a LOT of them. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite wedding flower budget hacks! These tips will let you get ALLLLL the beauty of wedding blooms but without the painful, budget-breaking costs.

Think Minimal

Sometimes, less is more. In order to save big, you can have your bridesmaids carry a single, long-stem rose down the aisle in lieu of a bouquet. This is oh-so romantic and, for a timeless look that goes with any wedding, opt for ivory or soft blush roses. You can also use this idea for your centerpieces. Order a bundle of long-stem roses online and place them in bottles or skinny vases that you’ve thrifted and then scatter some votive candles around them. Not only will these centerpieces give visual height to your tables, but their simplistic elegance will stun your guests.

Re-purpose–DURING the wedding

Your floral elements can do double duty at your wedding and, as a result, save you double the money! Once the bridal party photos are over and before guests enter the reception site, have your bridesmaids place their bouquets on the sweetheart table or cake table (you can even have some empty vases waiting so there’s no guesswork as to their placement and your girls can just slip them in). Also, if you have any floral sprays on your wedding arch or aisles, reuse those as well! You can place the floral sprays on your dessert buffet and have your coordinator retie the aisle flowers to the head table chairs. It’s wedding prettiness, times two!

Go Green(ery)

A stylish and affordable option to easily decorate your tables is greenery! You can cut leafy greens from your yard or the yards of friends the day before your wedding (luckily, most leafy greens stay fresh for a day or so, just store them overnight in buckets of water). Start with an ivory linen and wind the stems down the center of your long tables and create circles in the middle of your round tables. Add in low votive candles with tall candlesticks, your table numbers, and finish off the look by placing a small cutting across each plate or napkin for an upscale style at a great price (FREE!).

Small Blooms = Big Beauty

This hack will help you save on your flowers AND your cake! Win, win! Order a plain ivory wedding cake and then, on the day of the wedding, have your coordinator add in a few small blooms for big impact (and any leftover greenery you may have). In need of a hairpiece? You can also have your hairstylist slip a bloom into your up-do, which is much more cost effective than a crystal hair comb!

With these tips, you can save as needed–and maybe splurge on one big floral element, like your bouquet! 


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