Your Wedding Invites & Save-the-Dates: Here’s When to Order and Send Them


Asking your friends and family to “be our guest” at your wedding is, perhaps, the most important wedding related task you have and needs to be done quite some time in advance. In order to make sure things run smoothly, you’ll need to make sure you order–and mail–your paper goods on time, from your Save-the-Dates to the actual invitation suites. Here is an ordering timeline to keep you on track!


When to order them: about one to two months before you need to send them. If you are ordering save-the-dates that are highly custom, you may want to check in earlier with your designer to see if they need extra time. Some companies, like our favorite,, offer quick deliveries and rushes. However, it’s always a good idea to start the process early so you have ample time to approve samples, make changes, etc.

When to send them: six to eight months prior to your wedding date. Tying the knot abroad? Then give your guests ample time to plan by sending your save-the-dates eight to ten months prior to the wedding date.

Wedding invitation suites

When to order them: Order your wedding invitation suites four to six months in advance of your wedding date. Again, if your invitation is highly custom, check with your designer for her timeline.

When to send them: Put those beauties in the mailbox about six to eight weeks prior to your wedding day.

TIP: Be sure to calculate any days the post office is closed or holidays where the mail isn’t delivered into your timeline. Also, keep in mind that you may get some back due to incorrect addressing so try to add some buffer time so you can research the correct addresses and resend them. In general, earlier is always better!


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