How to Spend a Fabulous and Relaxing Weekend in Bellevue


Although my birthday has come and gone, I’m reliving the wonderful experience I spent in Bellevue and sharing some of the best spots to visit in one of the best cities in Washington. No matter what you enjoy doing or would like to do for a special occasion, Bellevue has it all!

I started my birthday with nothing better than a shopping stroll through Neiman Marcus at The Shops at The Bravern! Through the beaded ball gowns and the crystallized Jimmy Choo’s, I found my way to the diamonds! Like really incredible diamonds meant for a Queen! Needless to say I felt completely out of my element trying on some beautiful gems but also extremely glamorous with emeralds and diamonds around my neck. A girl could get used to being decorated!

Unfortunately I had to take off the diamonds but the heavy lifting worked up an appetite. From there, my friend Renee and I made our way to one of my favorite places to indulge for a birthday treat, Cafe Trophy Cupcakes. The cupcake was almost too pretty to eat but of course I devoured the beautiful rose decorated dessert. Seriously SOO good!! But.. Instead of going for a second or a third rose cupcake, we wanted to celebrate with a more adult friendly kind of rosé. 😉

IMG_7163Purple Cafe & Wine Bar is on the top of my list as a favorite lunch/ dinner spot in Washington. The baked brie is to die for and the wine selection is superb! The atmosphere and menu make for the perfect lunch spot with girls or a romantic date night out, that Chris and I have enjoyed many times.

Next up on my birthday extravaganza was the best gift of all- a massage at Truce Spa at The Westin Hotel. Boy, did I need it! Carrying around a 20 lb. baby all day everyday really wears on my neck and back and 60 minutes alone, in peace and quiet is the ultimate treat for any new mom! Am I right!? I have to say that I left that massage on a whole other level of euphoria. I was so relaxed that I wasn’t even sure I could muster up the motivation to get ready for the night. That was until I saw Chris and couldn’t wait to spend a dinner with my handsome hubby while my parents watched Asher. It takes effort and planning to really get date nights in with a baby and why moments like these are all the more special.

Bellevue is about 30 minutes (without traffic) from Seattle so we thought it would be fun to enjoy a staycation and stay a night at The Westin so we could really enjoy a birthday dinner and night together. The Westin is conveniently located to all of downtown Bellevue’s attractions, shops and restaurants, not to mention our suite had the most incredible view of the city! It is always nice to spend a night elsewhere- without house chores on the mind- and The Westin was the perfect refresher. The large comfy bed helped with a wonderful night sleep for the both of us and valet parking made it easy for us to get in and out without a hassle. We actually can’t wait to come back in the summer to enjoy more time in the pool and explore more of the kid friendly attractions.

Dinner, just a walk away at Seastar, was exactly what we needed!  My mahi mahi meal was absolutely incredible and the alone time with Chris made my birthday complete. We don’t often get out just the two of us since having Asher so the romantic setting for two was so perfect for such a celebration.

Overall, a weekend spent in Bellevue is a weekend well spent and I can’t wait till we can do it again!



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