12 Questions to Ask your Florist Before Booking Her


Flowers, like the wedding cake and bridal veil, are an iconic part of your big day. From the bouquets to the boutonnieres, they are those classic details that bring beauty and style to your wedding. So when it come to picking your florist, you’ll want to make sure you select the right one! Here are all the questions you need to ask in order to get the best blooms for your wedding day, juxtaposed with some gorgeous images of a styled shoot in Turin!


Can I see samples of your work? This is important! You want to make sure that your florist can fulfill your vision and has a similar style to yours. The best way to do that is to see her portfolio so don’t be shy to ask.

Will you be doing flowers for another wedding the same day or weekend as mine? This will give you an idea as to whether your florist will be accessible on your wedding day, should you need any tweaks or have any questions for her.

How do you work with clients? Some florists will simply replicate a bouquet or centerpiece–others will have more creative input or even craft a piece from different materials, focusing on the essence of your inspo photos as opposed to making an exact copy. Of course, depending on your location and the time of year, certain flowers may or may not be available so be open to your florist’s professional input.


Will you help with the setup of the centerpieces, sprays, garlands, etc, or just drop them off? You’ll want your florist–or her staff–to help with the handling and displaying of the floral pieces. After all, she’ll know how to fix the sprays to the gazebo and other aspects like that.

What is your price point? Be sure to get an itemized list of your florist’s pricing (and make sure it includes any hidden costs, like a delivery fee). This way you can get a comprehensive vision of the costs and how they fit into your overall wedding budget. If there is a florist you love whose prices are a bit high for you, ask if there is any wiggle room–maybe opt for a smaller bouquet or have more dramatic centerpieces on every other table or use cheaper blooms. Loop her in and she’ll show you places where you can cut without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Will you communicate with my venue to see if there are any restrictions or rules regarding floral elements? Your florist should dialogue with your venue, especially if she will be installing any large floral pieces like a flower wall.


Will you handle both delivery and breakdown? Make sure you understand the full breadth of what your florist and her staff will do on your wedding day and all the fees associated with the services. The last thing you want is for the wedding day to end and no one come for the vases, installations, etc.

Have you done a wedding at my venue? It isn’t necessary but it’s always nice if your florist already knows the ins and outs of your venue. This way she can tell you what’s feasible, what looks best for the room’s proportions, and maybe even suggest things that work well for the venue that you haven’t thought of!

What is in your contract? No one understands their contract more than the vendor! Ask your florist to go over the terms of her contract line by line so you can understand what is in it and what you are agreeing to. The last thing you want it any surprises because you didn’t read the fine print!


What is due in the initial deposit? You’ll also need to know when the remaining balance of your order is due.

Do you have any previous brides I can contact? References are a surefire way of getting the inside scoop on your florist. She should be able to provide a list of brides she’s worked with before or point you to some positive Yelp or bridal site reviews. Also, asking your venue or wedding planning for recommendations of florists they love is always a good idea!

What are the best flowers for my wedding date? Use your florist’s expertise to your advantage and trust her when it comes to selecting flowers that are in-season and available for your wedding. If there is a favorite bloom that isn’t available, she’ll be able to suggest a great supplement!

Once these questions are satisfactorily answered, go ahead and book your florist! 


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