Wedding Websites 101: A Crash Course


Make technology work for you and get a wedding website! Don’t worry–you don’t need to know a thing about computer coding or graphic design. Nowadays, gorgeous wedding websites are easy to attain and many of them are free. They are a great way to disseminate information and give your wedding guests a fun glimpse into your relationship.

Already looking for a great wedding website? Our favorite templates are at! They have the latest styles for wedding websites, from illustrated floral details to shiny geodes to delicate dots. Since they specialize in wedding websites, each template is curated for brides and has all the features you could want. Whatever your wedding aesthetic is, Minted has the perfect digital face for it!


How is a wedding website helpful?

They save money and streamline your guest list planning! There’s no need to pay for an RSVP card, envelope, and stamps. Instead, all you need to do is include a line on your website that says, “RSVP here!” This paperless option also helps you keep track of the responses as they come in. Many sites will automatically compile the responses into a guest list that you can easily sort, print, and review (which you can then give to your wedding planner, reception venue, and escort card printer). These lists can be uploaded to seating chart programs for painless table assigning. In addition, wedding websites let you communicate loads of information that’s too long for the invitation, like a cute ‘How We Met’ story, a whose who in the bridal party and how you know them, and links to your registry.


Sounds great! How do I do it?

Decide if you want a free wedding website or a subscription site. Free wedding websites have templates and preset tabs. Sites that you pay for (usually about $60 for a year) allow for ample personalized touches and have tons of fonts, layouts, and page options. For both of these, you’ll upload photos of you and your guy with accompanying text. Both are simple to operate and foolproof, even for the most challenged techies among us. Even if you aren’t a wordsmith, pairing simple descriptions with your engagement photos will immerse guests in your love story. Play with a variety of fonts and layouts before going live. When selecting a wedding website, whether you opt for a free or paid one, you’ll want to make sure its mobile friendly. Most people use their phones to surf the internet so check that your cute site translates well for an Iphone!


Also, keep in mind…

That older generations may have a harder time navigating a website. If you know your grandma won’t be able to log on, reach out to her and offer to RSVP for her on the site and do the same with anyone else who may struggle. You might want to offer two ways of RSVPing–on the website or by phone or email. Additionally, others might skim the site so be sure to keep key details like the time, place, and location on the invite (many people put wedding invitations on their fridges for easy reference). When it comes to picking your URL, something sweet and simple will do the trick. Of course, feel free to get a little creative with puns (just stay minimal on any backslashes or dots).

You may just be surprised at how much you like designing your website! Have fun with it and enjoy the process!


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