Style Your Shape… For Easter


Easter is one of my favorite holidays for oh-so-many reasons. Not only is it a sign that Spring is in full bloom but the meaning of Easter and the celebration of Jesus’s rise from the dead is what makes this day all the more special. Whether you’ll be heading to church with the family or enjoying a gathering with friends, I have the perfect look for every body shape.

Just match your shape up with one of the lovely ladies below for an Easter look sure to brighten your Spring!


Dress: Rent The Runway

Why I Chose It: The bright and vibrant floral print on this dress is everything for a cheerful Easter Sunday! I chose it for Jordan because the a-line skirt and v-neckline with cinched waist balance out her shape camouflaging her wider hips. The print is great to flatter her overall shape and the pockets are an added bonus .


Dress: Rent The Runway

Why I Chose It: Sophisticated and sweet! This dress is so pretty on Krissy and the color screams Spring. The structure of the material work really well on Krissy’s midsection and larger bust. The higher neckline elongates and slims her top while the front pleat offers space and detail to the skirt.


Dress: Rent The Runway

Why I Chose It: Lauren can get away with almost any style but this dress helps create a waist and the ruffles are perfect to balance out the top and bottom for a more hourglass silhouette.


Dress: TOBI

Why I Chose It: Ethereal and fabulous! The tie at the waist of this dress is perfect for Danie’s hourglass shape to cinch her small waist even more. The hi-lo hemline is also really great to accentuate her curves while the top works well for any bust size.


Dress: Urban Outfitters

Why I Chose It: I love this dress, well, because I own it, but it is beautiful on Sheena’s tall and slim figure. The ruffle along the neckline and the flow of the skirt give her shape movement and more curves.


Dress: TOBI

Why I Chose It: What a beauty! Gaylin’s petite shape can rock mini dresses like no other. The higher neckline helps to elongate and lengthen Gaylin’s short frame and the waistline is hitting her in the right  spot which can be hard to find for petite shapes.


Dress: Rent The Runway

Why I Chose It: How flattering is this style on Natasha? The print immediately minimizes her larger bust and helps streamline her entire silhouette while the flounce on the hemline creates comfort and space to flatter her bottom half. The neckline is perfectly placed and great for the support needed.


Dress: Pink Blush

Why I Chose It: Sara is the cutest pregnant lady ever! And she just had her baby last month. 🙂 But this style is so great on her baby bump and the print is soft and perfect for Spring. The short sleeve adds comfort to expecting moms.

Stay tuned for more Style Your Shape features!

Photos: Katie Parra

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