Style Your Shape… For Your Bridal Shower


Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life and the only time to be showered by loved ones with multiple celebrations… including the bridal shower. Bridal showers have so much meaning and emotion that surround them. Where friends, moms, sisters and family members get to celebrate with the bride in a more intimate atmosphere and shower her with love, gifts and well wishes before she walks down the aisle to her prince.

As a bride, you want your bridal shower to be one to remember- with pictures to show off for many years to come. With that said, being the center of attention for such a special day requires a casual, comfortable and flattering look to fit your shape perfectly. Match your shape up with one of the lovely ladies below for a look that is sure to make you feel beautiful.


Dress: Rent The Runway

Why I Chose It: An A-line dress is the perfect style for a shape like Krissy’s. The fullness of the skirt balances her larger bust and cinches her waist in a beautiful way. The flower pattern on this particular style flatters the waistline even more by slimming her overall silhouette. The neckline offers the support needed and minimizes a larger bust. A great day or night style!


Dress: Nordstrom

Why I Chose It: Since bridal showers are often during the day and more casual than an engagement party, I really liked this ethereal and boho look for Jordan’s shape. The off the shoulder ruffles balance out her smaller top with her hips- creating more of an hourglass shape. Since her waist is her smallest area, the blouson waistline doesn’t add too much fullness to her midsection. The overall look and shape is feminine and fabulous for a daytime celebration.

LaurenBridal Shower-01

Dress: Rent The Runway

Why I Chose It: With Lauren’s shape, a style that accentuates the waist is key. This style works really well because of the side cut outs at the waist creating an hourglass shape from the front with the high neckline and maxi length. Again, since bridal showers tend to be more of a relaxed event the comfort of this style is perfect for any summertime gathering.


Dress: ASOS

Similar styles: Nordstrom Lace Dress / Revolve Serenity Dress

Why I Chose It: Danie’s curves add movement to the lace and style of this dress. A waistband really does help cinch the waist and elongate the legs. Especially with the length of the overlay lace on this style. The dainty straps add a little support but also a visual line leading your eye to her beautiful face. 🙂


Dress: Vow To Be Chic

Similar style: Revolve Only Yours Dress

Why I Chose It: Sheena’s height allows her to pull off many different styles but this dress hits her in all the right places! For starters, a midi or knee length dress can be too long for petite shapes and sometimes not the right fit for pear or apple shapes. The waistband gives her more of a cinched waist and the neckline is soft and delicate matching the lace perfectly.


Romper: Rent The Runway

Similar styles: Asos Jumpsuit / Zina Romper

Why I Chose It: Rompers are hard for me to wear because they definitely don’t work for my long torso and why I LOVE this look on Gaylin. She is the perfect height and shape to rock a romper. This style offers a two piece look that also lengthens Gaylin’s legs due to the location of the waistline. A beautiful look for such an exciting occasion!

Photos: Katie Parra

Makeup: Gaylinet

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