Style Your Shape…For Your Engagement Party


Congratulations! You are officially rocking some bling on your finger and smiling from ear to ear with excitement to get married! While the excitement can make a new bride want to quickly jump to the alter, the time to plan a dream wedding should also include some fun and celebration.

The engagement party is the best way to share your love and joy with friends and family- not to mention get all dressed up pretty for a special night. To ensure you look and feel great on such a wonderful occasion I’ve put together the top styles to dress your specific shape. Just pair your shape up with one of the beautiful ladies below for the perfect engagement party look.

Let us know what you think with hashtag #StyleYourShape so we can see what dress you end up with!


Dress: Vow To Be Chic

Why I Chose It: You can’t even tell from the picture that Jordan’s hips are wider than her top because the dress helps balance her entire shape, creating a slimmer look. The ruffle on the shoulder adds detail and fullness to her top which offsets her hips and lower half, making the silhouette flow effortlessly from her bust to hem.


Dress: Vow To Be Chic

Why I Chose It: For the ladies well endowed up top and fuller in the midsection, this style does wonders for your shape! The waistband and location of the waist seam cinches perfectly for a slimming look and the gathering of the skirt creates an A-line, hourglass silhouette we all seek after. The narrow high neckline slims Krissy’s top and shoulders for an overall elegant and classic look.


Dress: Vow To Be Chic

Why I Chose It: The placement of the beading is the main reason this dress works for Lauren’s shape. The beading at the waist helps to create and elongate her waistline while the beading on the shoulders gives her more of that hourglass shape we are looking for.  Those details along with the streamline pencil skirt emphasizes her curves for an overall elegant silhouette.


Dress: Asos Wrap Midi Dress

Why I Chose It: Danie is rocking this dress and showing off exactly what the style exudes. The pleated wrap skirt and surplice top flatter her curves in all the right ways and the front hemline being higher in the front than the back slims her entire figure.


Dress: Lulu’s Ivory Midi Dress

Why I Chose It: It’s hard to find a dress that doesn’t fit Sheena well, but with a tall and slim frame, streamline silhouettes such as this look the best. Longer, midi type styles work best on a taller figure because the proportions stay balanced.


Romper: Rent The Runway

Why I Chose It: Rompers are hard for me to wear because they definitely don’t work for my long torso and why I LOVE this look on Gaylin. She is the perfect height and shape to rock a romper. This style offers a two piece look that also lengthens Gaylin’s legs due to the location of the waistline. A beautiful look for such an exciting occasion!

Stay tuned for many more #StyleYourShape features to come and don’t forget to shop for Valentine’s Day!




Photos: Katie Parra

Makeup: Gaylinyet

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