The Bachelor Bracket: Nick Viall


The next season of ‘The Bachelor’ with Nick Viall is officially upon us! Who is getting excited!?!

I know I am! I am excited to see Nick as the lead (and not another suitor) and to meet the various ladies that will be (clawing) vying for his heart! He seems like he is ready to find love and serious about it, so I’m hoping it works out for his this time and that there are some really wonderful ladies in the bunch. Can’t wait to see!

Get a head start on filling out your bracket by viewing the contestants that are vying for Nick’s roses over at The premiere is on Monday, Jan 2nd!

Share your picks below or on Twitter and let’s see who can get the most points! No cheating or spoilers, let’s have fun with it! ???? Keep in mind that the numbers listed for each week are not a confirmed number and only based on past seasons.

How to play:

There’s two ways you can fill this out.

1.) Before the season starts, fill out each week with the name of the ladies you think will make it that week- including who you think he will choose as ‘The One’. This option is the most fun if you will be competing with others.

2.) Before the rose ceremony begins on the first night, fill out week 1 and the bonus questions. Before the next episode airs fill out the following week and so on all the way till the end.



xo, Des


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