5 Must Have Items for New Parents


11.) Halo ‘Bassinest’ Bedside Swivel  :: Having baby Asher right next to our bed these last six weeks has been wonderful to feel close to him and a necessity with the late night feedings. The bassinest has the ability to swivel a full 360 degrees so it can either be placed on top of a bed or right next to it and moves effortlessly out of the way, without disturbing baby, when you need to step out of bed. It’s important to create a safe sleeping environment when bringing home a newborn and it’s reassuring to know Asher sleeps safe and sound in his. The other item from Halo is their Sleepsack Swaddle that has made swaddling Asher a breeze since it has a zip up sack with Velcro sides to keep him nice and cozy at night

52.) Doona :: Ok, so this is one of the most innovative products on the market right now and an absolute must have for any parent! Chris has become an unofficial spokesperson for it- showing all of our friends how cool the functionality is. It is a car seat with a mobility system making it the most convenient thing to use for travel and everyday! No need to pack a stroller in the car when running errands since this car seat pretty much turns into the perfect sized stroller for on-the-go.

23.) 4Moms MamaRoo:: I use the Mamaroo practically everyday and it’s nice to see Asher enjoy it. It’s the perfect rocker for our living room and it helps that he is at an incline to be able to see what we are doing and take in the different lights- he’s always so curious about. The best aspect of this- aside from Asher loving it- is the 5 different options of rocking and different speeds I am able to adjust to Asher’s level of enjoyment.

34.) Physio Ball :: We bounce on this with Asher multiple times a day! It’s the main thing that will soothe him when he is fussy or crying and is a lifesaver. While a swing is handy, it’s amazing how fast Asher will be soothed by just holding him and bouncing on this ball for a few minutes. AND it’s only $20 and can be used to workout with when he no longer needs it.

45.) DockATot Deluxe :: I didn’t know I needed this until I got one before baby came and it has been a staple in our lives for him! It’s a great sleeper station that can be used in bed for co-sleeping but also as a portable bed anywhere you go. We use it in the mornings while we get ready, in the afternoons on the couch while I’m working or trying to get things cleaned up, and it was the perfect bed for Asher when we went to Portland for Christmas since he could sleep right in bed with us in the lush DockAtot.

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