5 Tips for Epic Engagement Photos


We all want make-you-gasp engagement photos. After all, they’re images designed to reflect your love and that, of course, is epic indeed. But how do you get all the crazy, awesome, exciting, quirkiness that makes up the two of you into a series of photos? Read on, dear bride! We have industry insider tips here for you, all illustrated by this gorgeous 10 year anniversary shoot on Mt. Ranier (because what is more epic than getting to 10 years of marriage while still looking so beautiful and in love as this couple??).

Also, if you are as inspired by this beautiful lady’s look as we are, scroll to the bottom for similar choices!


The first step is to pick a dramatic setting. And this isn’t as hard as it seems! Pretty much any place in nature (especially places where your photographer can back up and get some far away shots) will meet the criteria. Extra points if there is rain, rock formations, falling leaves, or snow (and, in the case of these stunning photos, mountains!). Your surroundings will lend as much drama as you need, compliments of Mother Nature. Stuck in the city? Skyscrapers and art deco buildings at sunset will give the same vibe!


Have fun with your outfits! This lovely wifey picked out a backless maxi dress, leafy crown, and a small clutch of flowers. All these combine to create a look that stands out against the impressive mountainous backdrop. So when it comes to styling your own photos, don’t be afraid to get some add-ons! Go for that flower crown, that statement necklace, that bouquet. They will give your photos a romantic, bridal quality. Also, we love how this hubby rocked a button-down with rolled up sleeves and loosened tie. You look great, sir!


Simply enjoy yourselves. Attitudes come across in photos and there is nothing more dramatic or moving than a couple who deeply love each other. It’s so easy to worry about “the perfect shot” but guess what? The perfect shot happens when the two of you are relaxed and having fun together. All the props, epic scenery, and cool clothes can’t compete with true devotion and affection.


Get some shots in black and white! We are suckers for good old B&W. When color is eliminated, your photos will take on a stark feel that will make viewers gasp. Things like the movement of the wind in your hair and the position of his hands on your waist will suddenly become more visible. Before booking your photographer, ask them if they can include some black and white images when they deliver your photos. You’ll be so happy you did! Black and whites create the “this is going in a frame” kind of shots!


Be sure to get some individual portraits. You’ll want to capture who you are and how you look at that exact moment in time. Your type of beauty will change as you grow as a couple, have children, move, and live life in all its vagaries together. Get some individual shots to commemorate how you are two separate people who come together to create one beautiful life. Plus, these images will make for great Iphone wallpaper! Anytime someone asks you to see a pic of your bae, you’ll have one ready!

With these tips, your epic engagement photos are just a click away! Enjoy every moment and before you know it, you’ll be getting 10 year anniversary photos, just like this couple.¬†


Photography Wojoimage//Flowers Verbena Floral Seattle
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