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Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times, especially when you aren’t particularly the best planner, like me! 😉 From choosing a venue and deciding on a color scheme to making a guest list and picking a dress, it is quite easy to completely forget about one important thing, your hair!

Continuing with the Wedding Season Hairstyles theme, today I am showing the perfect style for the bride that hates updos, but wants to somehow still wear their hair up on that special day!

What you need


Bobby Pins/Hair Pins

Shine Hairspray


Step By Step

1.) Start by teasing once at the roots. Pin the hair in your crown back to a spot in the center back of your head. Pin bobby pin straight across to secure.

2.) Keeping the hair on the right and left side of the head out, tie the remaining hair in back into a ponytail directly under the section you just pinned.

3.) With the hair on the right, twist slightly back and pin over the center section. Repeat with the hair on the left side.

4.) Gather all the hair together. Begin to fishtail braid the hair down.

Fishtail How To: Begin with two sections. Grab a strand from the outside of the right section & cross over to join the left section. Repeat on the left side crossing over to the right. Now continue this process all the way down.

5.) Once entire ponytail is braided, begin to pull at either side of the braid starting at the bottom- stretching the braid to appear larger and more thick. Secure with an elastic.

6.) Wrap braid into a bun and pin. Pull out any pieces on the sides to create a softer look.

7.) Finish with a light hold shine hairspray to make your hair sparkle in all of the photos!

This style is absolutely perfect for a bride! It is sure to be a look that everyone loves, and you don’t have to worry about your hair falling out halfway through the night!

Special thanks again to April from Blohaute for the always amazing bridal hair inspiration! Check back next week as we continue our Wedding Season Hairstyles.



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