This is the Dreamiest Wedding EVER



If you dream in whimsy and lace, then you have to see this wedding! It’s the epitome of romance with a dash of glam. With her exquisite wedding gown (check out those buttons going down the back of it!) and intricate, braided hairstyle (Rapunzel hair, anyone?), this bride defines whimsical beauty, the kind that makes you gasp. One of our favorite elements? Those short, beaded bridesmaids dresses. We’re kind of jealous and want one of those dresses for ourselves.

Want to give your wedding a similar feel? Here’s how to mix glam + romance:

Wear a dreamy gown while putting your girls in something sparkly. Opt for lace or tulle for your wedding gown and have your girls wear styles with bling. The two elements–softness and glitz–will blend together beautifully. Your girls will LOVE the chance to rock something glam!

Go for a neutral color palette with pops of rich color.  An ivory color scheme with burgundy accents is beyond stunning and will give you that romantic yet fashion forward vibe. Color us happy!

Keep most of the decor soft and romantic with dashes of glam. For example, like this bride, go for a simple cake adorned with just a few flowers. Add in a shiny, elaborate monogram cake topper and you have the perfect combo of whimsy and sparkly. Go with this principle for the rest of your decorations!

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Photographer:  Ryan Horban Photography//Reception Venue:Milagro Farms & Winery//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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