This Bride’s Barefoot Boho Fashion is Stylish AND Affordable



It’s the bridal paradox: you have awesome taste when it comes to your fashion but you’re on a less-than-awesome budget. That didn’t stop this bride, Sarah. Not only did this lovely lady save on her ensemble by opting for a barefoot, boho feel but she also found ways to attire her bridesmaids (two of which were mommies-to-be) in super affordable yet stylish mix and match looks. We know what you’re wondering–HOW DID SHE DO IT? Let’s be real. We all see those articles where the bride somehow DIY’d her way to bridal perfection leaving us all thinking, there is no way I can do that. Well, friends, we have the answers here!


THAT DRESS. If you want a look that maximizes style but saves on money, than consider a paired down silhouette. It’s easier to do a simple look really well (AND its way more timeless). In lieu of a crystal bedecked ballgown, consider a less is more approach. Any simple dress can be given a distinct stylistic direction with accessorizing. Here, Sarah’s gown gets an artsy, boho twist with flower crown and bouquet that feel like they were handpicked just that morning. With her effortlessly simple style, we focus on her natural beauty and–we admit it–are a little jealous!


THAT FOOT JEWELRY. What’s a lot more affordable than a pair of Jimmy Choos or Louboutins? Going barefoot. Or, more specifically, going barefoot with some delicate foot jewelry. Sarah found these lace adornments on Etsy for a great price. So not only was she insanely comfortable but it put the *barefoot* in her barefoot boho style! Consider doing the same thing and you can forget getting your heels stuck in the grass or having your feet rubbed raw as you dance all night. What’s more is that you also can reuse them for beach side strolls on your honeymoon!


THAT VEIL. We know what you’re thinking. That veil! Here’s the crazy cool part: while veils from salons can cost anywhere from $300-$800, Sarah made her own on the day of the wedding from fabric she bought for $4! Yes, you read that right. Sarah’s veil cost FOUR DOLLARS. Want a similar look? All you need to do is buy two yards or so of tulle from a crafts store, fold it over (if you want a blusher), and then sew it to a comb or flower crown. If you want an embellished veil and are handy with a needle, you can also sew separate lace appliques around the bottom. So easy, right?


THOSE BRIDESMAIDS SEPARATES. Sarah applied her same fashion forward sensibilities to her bridesmaids crew. Her mother and future mother-in-law sewed the maxi skirts and each bridesmaid purchased her own top (Sarah approved each one to make sure they all went together). Since two of her bridesmaids were expecting, it was the perfect option to accommodate their beautiful baby bumps. And, since the girls were able to pick their own tops, they were able to dress for their specific body types while maintaining Sarah’s boho vision. Several of them also chose to go barefoot.

What we’re sure they loved about their looks? They could easily wear the tops and skirts later on!


THOSE FLOWER CROWNS AND BOUQUETS. To finish off their styling, Sarah and her bridesmaids made flower crowns and bouquets from Costco flowers and yard clippings. Since Sarah envisioned a breezy, undone feel to the floral elements, they didn’t worry too much about overly structuring the pieces. As they assembled them the day before, they realized they loved the look of partial crowns for the bridesmaids and then a full, lush one for Sarah. The resulting look was pure bohemian romance with a touch of whimsy. To say we are impressed in an understatement!

With a little ingenuity and willingness to go DIY, you can style the wedding look of your dreams! 


Photography Chris and Rachel Koeppen at Chris Koeppen Photography

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