The Key to Staying Fresh and Clean ALL Day Long



In the past three years I dated 25 guys on ‘The Bachelorette’, got engaged to my Prince Charming, moved to Seattle from California to begin our life together, launched a collaborative wedding dress collection and jewelry collection, married my Prince Charming, traveled at least one to two times each month throughout, moved twice, wrote a book, took time to workout and stay active, moved my home office to a work studio, and now… expecting our first child anytime in the next 5 weeks. I think it’s safe to say that my life has been quite a whirlwind.

For all that life has been and will be to come, with a little one running around, there’s one thing that keeps me feeling fresh and clean all day long: my Cottonelle Fresh Care* Flushable Cleansing Cloths.


I seriously keep them in every bag and every bathroom in the house! When I wake up to when I lay my head down at night I use these little wonders throughout the day. They are a necessity as a bathroom routine but also have come in handy for all the travel I’ve done and kept me feeling good after long, muggy flights. I keep them in my gym bag and you can guarantee they will be a staple in my diaper bag.

Cottonelle  Clean Ripple Texture is far superior to your normal wipes and ensures you’re getting the best clean possible to feel confident to rock that flight, gym class, work day, stressful meeting, vacation, anticipated date night, OR even go commando in that little black dress! 🙂

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Needless to say, I notice the difference in my mood and confidence when I feel fresh and clean. I’ve especially felt a whole lot better throughout pregnancy with these on hand and highly recommend keeping these lovelies around.

Check them out for yourself and enter to win some amazing prizes throughout the year by visiting or following the conversation using the hashtag #GoCottonelle.

Stay Fresh! xoxo

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