Celebrating Baby Siegfried at Desiree’s Baby Shower



Baby showers are a special time to shower a soon to be mom with love, support, and all of the baby gifts she needs to care for a newborn. A few weekends ago I had the privilege of being that soon to be mom and experienced the joy of having friends from all chapters of life together in celebrating our little boy.

The day was spent at Capri Cellars, enjoying delicious treats by Jenny Cookies, wine for my friends, a craft activity to mingle around and great conversation throughout. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to be with friends during this exciting time in our lives and am lucky enough to have a friend like Renee to host the shower for me, with her 10 day old wrapped to her nonetheless.

The atmosphere and cheerful mood made this day I will always remember! The reality of our baby boy joining the world very soon finally set in with all of the wonderful advice and gifts we received. What a beautiful day!


All my guests participated in the fun craft activity set up: painting triangle blocks for our baby boy to play with in his nursery!


As guests entered they shared their best parenting advice for Chris and I on the back of these adorable teepee cutouts, that I can then hang up in the nursery.


I am so blessed to have such incredible friends by my side while we begin this new journey into parenthood! Swag bags were filled with amazing goodies, a special thank you to everyone that came.


Also, a special thank you to all those involved in making my shower so beautiful!
Event Venue: Capri Cellars
Dessert Table: Jenny Cookies
Flowers + Photography: Solie Designs
Table Chocolates: Theo Chocolate
Raffle Giveaway: Lily Jade
Crafting Activity : Eylander Sign Co
Goodie Bags: cupcakeMAG
(Goodies include items by Adorn Lee, The Silver Loft, Shop Wrenn, OSEA, Luxa Jewelry, Caroline Randall MADE, HorseFeathers Gifts)
My Dress: Asos
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