4 Things to do with your Bridal Gown After the Wedding



It’s probably the most expensive garment you own, but what do you do with your bridal dress after the wedding? This dress, which you spent so many hours thinking about and shopping for, deserves more than to hang in the back of your closet. While you may be tempted to wear it doing the dishes a la Friends, there are many options that don’t require housework! These are my favorite ways to give your cherished gown a second life:



Preserve your gown (and all those wonderful memories that you had while wearing it)! This is a service offered by most bridal salons and even some dry cleaners. Your gown and veil is placed in an acid-free box to prevent the fabric from aging or yellowing. And, as a bonus, it makes for super easy storage because the box is compact and way smaller than a garment bag. Worried about having withdrawals from your wedding dress? Don’t fret! There is a special plastic window on the top of the box so you can take a peek at your dress anytime your heart desires.



Your gown brought you so much happiness–and it can do the same for someone else. Consider donating yours to a wedding gown charity. Some of these nonprofits offer free gowns to disadvantaged brides or use donated gowns to support a cause. Brides Across America provides military brides with dresses at no cost while Adorned in Grace resells wedding gowns and gives 100% of the proceeds to prevent sex trafficking. Your dress can also bring comfort to grieving mothers through The Angel Gown Program. This charity creates handmade burial dresses for infants who have passed away at the hospital. You can feel good knowing your gown made a difference in someone else’s life.



Your gown is made out of exquisite lace, appliques, and silk. These materials can be reused to make a christening dress for your future children or even revamped into a style that you can wear for anniversaries (for example, if your dress is a lace sheath, you can have it turned into a long skirt and crop top). You can also use the fabric to make curtains, throws pillows, or a keepsake blanket. I particularly like the idea of using some of it to make a small heart ornament for your Christmas tree. Your gown made you feel beautiful and now it can make your house a little more beautiful too!



If you have an artistic side and love having an adventure, consider a post-wedding trash the dress shoot! These sessions are dirty yet super fun. You hire a photographer (or even videographer) to document you while you do anything you like! You can splash around in the ocean, splatter your dress with paint, or trek through mud. While your gown may not survive, you’ll have the most epic photos afterwards.

What did you do with your bridal gown after your wedding day? Let us know in the comments below!


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