Social Media + Your Wedding: What You Need to Know



There is no doubt that we live in a digital age! With the pervasiveness of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there are a whole lot of ways for your wedding to be shared with the world. Is this good? Bad? The answer is completely up to you and your partner. Some see social media as a new and exciting way to document their wedding. Others worry about keeping their guests in the moment. If you happen to fall in between, we’ve broken down the pros and cons for you–and the ways to make sure guests abide by your preferences!


Incorporating social media into your wedding can be fun! By using a wedding hashtag, you can see your wedding through your guests perspectives and possibly get some great, unexpected shots. There is something effortless and candid about Instagram or Facebook photos and it also enables others to participate from afar by viewing live postings and videos.

If you do want guests to use social media during your wedding, here are things to consider:

Your hashtag. Now is the time to get creative because you and your partner need a cool hashtag! It can be a celebrity mashup of your names (aka #brangelina, of course), a pun (we’re thinking #theperfectpear), or a saying (is anything sweeter than #happilyeveraftersmiths or #jacksonpartyoftwo?).

Getting everyone on board. Now that you’ve come up with an awesome hashtag, you want to make sure that your guests use it! Place a note in your wedding program or a framed sign at the ceremony site. This way everyone will know that they get to be second shooters to your special day!

Still hire an official photographer. You might be tempted to rely solely on your nearest and dearest for your wedding pics but Iphone snaps are nothing like professional photography! Your wedding photographer is an expert at photo composition, getting the most important stills, and editing your images to perfection. She is well worth the extra cash.


Weddings can be very personal and you may want to control what images are released online–and keep the day unplugged. If that’s the case, you will definitely want to nix any social media posting (that way you don’t have to awkwardly ask people to untag you if there’s a shot that you just don’t love).

If that’s the case, here are the ways to make sure your guests abide by your wishes:

Make sure everyone is informed. Place a sign at the entrance to your ceremony site that says, “We are honored to share our special day with you. Please help keep our event private by not posting any photos or videos to social media.” And keep in mind–you can tweak the request to suit you best. For example, you can have your sign say, “Please help keep our event private by not posting any photos or videos to social media until after we do.”

Give your bridal party a heads up. While you are all getting ready, your girls will probably want to take shots of themselves and each other. Since your bridesmaids won’t see any signage ahead of time, be sure to give them the heads up so they know not to get ‘gramming. Plus, you don’t want any images of your wedding gown to go up before you walk down the aisle!

Share your photos privately. If you choose not to post your wedding photos online, you might want to consider sending a group email with some highlights to close family members and friends. They will love a chance to revisit your wedding day and all the beautiful memories they have from it!


Whatever you decide, know it’s the best choice for you! Whether you embrace social media and eschew it, don’t be afraid to be confident in your decision.


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