How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitation with David’s Bridal



When it comes to choosing a wedding invitation it can be as difficult as choosing a wedding dress. There are endless options available with thousands of styles to choose from. Finding the right one for your wedding doesn’t have to be a challenge and knowing what to look for will help you narrow down your options without getting overwhelmed.

David’s Bridal may be known for their wedding dresses but they also make it easy to find an invitation that is right for you and your personal style. From traditional to trendy font, layouts and beautiful styles to choose from there is no need to look elsewhere! Not to mention the unbeatable value of their affordable prices to keep a bride from breaking the bank. Let me walk you through the things to look for when searching for that perfect wedding invitation with some of my favorite options available at David’s Bridal.



The overall style of your wedding invitation will reflect the ideal style of your wedding day. From rustic to traditional and everything in between David’s Bridal offers a style for every bride. If you know your wedding style then this first step will be easy to narrow down with their easy to navigate filters.



Now that you have a style chosen, it’s time to narrow down your wedding colors. I highly suggest knowing your wedding colors prior to searching for an invitation style. It will help you identify which styles will work best for the overall wedding color palette and help narrow down invitation styles. With David’s Bridal and their exclusive colors to choose from you won’t have a problem finding the perfect color for your invitation.



The font used on an invitation makes a huge difference for the overall look of the wedding that will carry on throughout the rest of the wedding décor. With David’s Bridal there are many fonts to choose from to create a personalized look. Depending on your wedding style, choose a font that reflects the same feeling and formality.



Invitations come in a variety of paper options including different weights, colors and finishes. Choose a shimmer finish for a glamorous affair or a matte finish for a more casual setting.


Printing Methods

Many new brides are unaware of the many printing methods available for invitations. The method chosen can enhance the overall style of the wedding invitation and also affect the budget. Thermography printing is the most common and most affordable while letterpress printing or foil stamping requires more detail in the process increasing the price per piece. It’s important to understand your options to ensure you’re choosing the best option for your wedding style and budget.


Wording Etiquette

The wording on your invitation will set the tone and formality of the wedding. David’s Bridal offers verse options and allows you to customize your wording on the invitation to fit your style.



From folded to flat to seal and send, the layout of the invitation is no longer a ‘one-size fits all’ option for brides. Choose a layout that speaks to the style of your wedding and personal taste.


Finishing touches

Want your invitation to stand out?? Add ribbon or liners as beautiful accents for the wedding invitation.

From the different colors to the different layouts, you will be able to find an invitation style that suits your needs at David’s Bridal. As a new bride, wanting everything to be perfect for your special day, you will love that they offer free samples for you to see different qualities, fonts and layouts  prior to ordering. AND! Another amazing feature I love is that they offer assembly and addressing services to ensure your invitations are taken care of while taking stress off of your wedding planning. It can’t get better than that!

Check out David’s Bridal now for the right invitation for your wedding day!

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Thank you David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from David’s Bridal, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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