How to Combine Elegance and Whimsy for your Wedding Day Style



When it comes to wedding planning there is an overwhelming amount of inspiration to view online and in magazines. It can be difficult to navigate through it all to discover your very own and unique wedding style. This is why knowing your colors and having a clear direction will allow you to plan the wedding with ease while naturally keeping every decision cohesive with the style chosen.

This stunning wedding is a great example and clear guide on how to keep your ideas and style cohesive and beautiful throughout your wedding day decor. From the elegant black and white accents to the whimsical flowers that adorn the bouquets and the tables, everything ties in together for a memorable wedding!

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Vendors: Photography: Stephanie Parsley Photography//Wedding Dress Lovely Bride, Katie May Collection//Suits: The Black Tux//Bridesmaids Dresses Weddingtonway//Florals Quinns Florist//Hair+Makeup: Bobby and The Bride//Invitations: Jessica Leigh Paperie//Flower Crown Crowns by Christy//Venue The Fox Hollow Winter Garden Room

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