5 Ways to Minimize Wedding Decor Costs



A wedding is the most magical time of a couple’s life. With that said, it is also the most expensive celebration to host for friends and family. Your wedding day doesn’t need to cost a fortune or have you and your partner counting pennies. Try these five ways to minimize costs to ensure your dream wedding doesn’t leave your pockets empty.


Print your own Wedding Stationary

With the amount of resources available to us today, creating and printing beautiful invitations and wedding stationary is a walk in the park. From downloadable programs and templates to printing at home or at Kinkos, the options are endless. Not only are you in control of the design and style of the stationary, you will be able to save some dollars while you’re at it.


Place Flowers in Multiple Vases

Wedding flowers and centerpieces add up pretty quickly with the size and number of tables at a wedding reception. To maximize the space of a table while minimizing costs, try placing flowers and foliage into different size and shape vases to create depth and dimension on a table. Scatter petals around the rest of the table for added romance and style.


Re-use Bouquets from Ceremony

Say you have eight bridesmaids… the bouquets they carried in the wedding ceremony can also adorn eight tables at the reception. If your budget is tight and you want to make the most of the wedding decor then this is a simple trick that will help keep flower costs down. Place the bouquets in a cage (as shown) for a creative way to save.


Dessert Table 

The tradition of the fancy gigantic cake at a wedding is losing speed thanks to the trend of offering multiple treats at a dessert table. Not only will guests have more to enjoy, smaller treats take less dough than an oversized fondant cake at $8 per slice. Offer your favorite desserts and bite size sweets for more options on the table. Looking to save even more money for your wedding? Try your hand at baking your favorite treats or have family members pitch in with their favorites.


Favors at Table

Placing wedding favors at each seat will add more detail and color to the overall look of the tables. This is an easy and affordable way to fill the table and save on the amount of flowers needed. From edible treats to personalized items, the favors are a fun gift for every guest to enjoy.


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