How to Create Beautiful Engagement Photos Right at Home



If you were to browse through the many beautiful engagement photos I’ve featured these past years, you would notice one constant variable. They all seem to take place outdoors. Whether the backdrop is a serene beach, a soaring city or an adorable picture in the park, the go-to spots have been outside. What if you plan to take engagement photos in the Winter or in a location snowfall is guaranteed? What do you do if that’s not the backdrop you want?

Well, I have a wonderful solution that any couple could do for their own engagement photos. Get cozy and have them taken in the very place you love to dwell in with each other… home sweet home! Take Anna and Jake’s beautiful photos as inspiration for memorable moments to commemorate your engagement. The couple’s authentic affection for the space they live in and the things that bring them closer to each other gives any admirer a glimpse into their personal life. Try these three things to capture your very own intimate engagement photos right at home:

  • Utilize the items you already own. Blankets, pillows, trays, glasses, flowers. Add touches of personal elements or items that mean something to you or your relationship.
  • Rent or DIY props to give a unique and personalized backdrop- such as the LOVE sign Anna and Jake created.
  • Bring in hobbies, interests or activities you enjoy doing with each other. This could be art, reading, a certain game, movies, etc.

Have fun with your engagement photos and the time you have with each other! xo


Photographer:  Vicki Bartel Photography//Event Venue:Brandi Rivait Yoga Studio//Personal Stylist: Rose City Style Guide//Makeup Artist: Sarah Belle Papps//Floral Designer: The Bourbon Rose – Floral Design//Hair Stylist: Vanessa Pizzo at Platinum Professionals//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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