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Back to the Braids! This week I am showing a more simple/casual style. This hairstyle is versatile and can be worn as a down hairstyle or up to keep your hair completely out of your way. Nowadays I am totally loving the ponytail style, so I wanted to incorporate that into a fun simple braid. If you have been following along in the series than this braid will be a breeze for you! If not, feel free to jump back a few weeks to Part One of the Braiding Series. Each week you will be learning new techniques as well as incorporating old techniques from previous hairstyles. So for those of you who have been following along, this is definitely a style that you can do with your eyes closed!

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Part Six: Lace Three Strand Braided Ponytail

What you need to know: This week is all about the lace braid and ponytail madness! A lace braid is simply a three-strand braid, but only adding hair in from one side of the head. Also, you will notice that I am crossing my right and left strand under my middle strand rather than over. This causes the braid to sit on top of the hair and gives us the ability to stretch the braid out more. When a braid sits on top it is considered a “dutch” style braid.

How to:


Step One: Part your hair to your desired parting. Pick up the front section of your hair right by your part. Split into three strands.


Step Two: Begin braiding by crossing the right strand UNDER the middle, and the same with the left. After one cycle, begin to add hair in to the top strand only.  Then cross under the middle strand.


Step Three: Work your way back to the center of the back of your head.


Step Four: Before securing, begin to stretch the braid by pulling at one side and then the other. Secure with a bobby pin.


Step Five: At this point you can either leave your hair down OR you can pull the remaining hair into a ponytail.


Step Six: Add the braid to the ponytail and secure with an elastic.


How easy was that?

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Amanda @blohaute

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