Travel the World from Home



When it comes to travel, I’m all in! The only thing that gets in the way of exploring the incredible sights of the world is a busy work schedule and responsibilities at home to take care of first. I love staying home with Chris as we make dinner and watch movies just as much as I love to travel. I can imagine us walking along cliffs and diving into aqua colored waters but when it comes down to it, all I really want to try areĀ the culinary delicaciesĀ of different countries and experience their culture from the comfort of my couch.

Thank goodness for Try the World!! Now, my dreams are possible… I can build a life with Chris here in Seattle AND try authentic treats and eats from countries all over the world. With Try the World, each month you will receive a beautiful box filled with about 8 treats to try. In my first Holiday dessert themed box I was able to drink tea from the UK, devour ginger snaps from Sweden, cook with olive oil from Israel, use Acai dessert sauce over ice cream from Brazil, enjoy french chocolate truffles from Canada, cookies from Morroco, a panettone from Italy and snack on dried mixed berries from Finland.

What more can a girl ask for!?!

These beautiful boxes are the PERFECT treat for someone special this Christmas. Check them out now at and let me know what you think about all of the goodies! XO


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