Fashion: True Religion Re-boot



There’s nothing like enjoying a day of shopping with a friend. Especially if that day includes denim, flannels and mimosas! Renee and I decided to take a day and head to Pacific Place Mall located in downtown Seattle to get a fresh start on our Fall wardrobe.

I’m more of the ‘sit at my computer and browse shops online’ type of girl but trying on clothes truly helps with ensuring the right fit. I couldn’t have been more excited to check out new styles and stores! We stopped in at True Religion to check out their denim and both ended up with a Fall outfit we could live in!

I’ve always known True Religion for their denim- which is fabulous- but was pleasantly surprised with the style of tops they had available. I love flannel during the colder months and the options were exactly what I have been looking for. The right colors with the right fabric paired perfectly with the different denim washes and colors.

If you’re in search for that perfect Fall outfit then I highly recommend heading into True Religion to check out their new styles. Also, I do have to mention that the staff was incredibly helpful and nice! Friendly service always makes shopping more enjoyable so I really appreciated them.  🙂

Have a great weekend finding your Fall fashions!

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