Adventures in Moving: Part II


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After a grueling week of painting walls (or pretending- like Chris above) 🙂 and moving all of our stuff from one place to the other, we are officially moved in!

It is a wonderful feeling to know that we have all of our belongings in our new place but it will take months before everything will come together, be put in place, fixed, and completed.

Chris and I spent an entire weekend painting walls and let me give you one piece of advice for an easy transition… Hire painters! We just wanted to make sure our living area was painted prior to moving but little did we know that it would take us FOREVER! The work load, on top of the time spent, left me irritable, exhausted and sore. I’m quite the crafty type and enjoy painting, fixing things, problem solving and DIY-ing but the hours of painting walls won’t be on my to-do list the next time we move.

The previous color was a yellow cream color (more yellow than in photo) along with a rust colored contrast wall that just doesn’t go with our decor style. We love neutrals, greys, whites, and a lighter feel, so we went with a very light grey/white base for the walls and a perfect middle tone grey for the contrast walls. I’m looking forward to decorating and sharing more of our process with you as I get the chance to put together each room.


As I write this, my office looks like cardboard threw up everywhere and that I may possibly be a hoarder. My office is downstairs where we have come to find out that a cat with an impressive bladder found relief in every corner. Maybe it was his welcome present to us but the stench of soaked in cat pee is not something I would like as an aroma in my workspace.

There are often surprises when you buy a house… especially, one that has been lived in before. For us, the lingering cat odor has been the surprise we know we have to take care of. It must have been aired out when we first saw the place but now we need to change out the carpet in my office and stairs to ensure the smell doesn’t return.


Aside from a few mishaps, like the internet not working, getting new carpet installed, and putting in new blinds, the place is really coming together. I can’t wait for that moment when we can relax on the couch, look around and feel a sense of achievement. Nesting takes time but there’s no one else I rather be doing this with. Stay tuned for more updates on our home and all the adventures of moving.

I would love to hear any fun (or funny) moving stories- along with any advice! Hit the comments and let’s share life together.



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