7 Awesome Surprise Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary



Coming up with clever anniversary ideas can be harder than you think, especially if you wait until the last minute. Instead of buying the same type of gift you gave your guy last year, find something unique and heartfelt to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Don’t stick with the tired old cliché anniversary ideas and make this one to remember by surprising your husband with a gift he won’t see coming.

  1. Traditional with a Twist

Get him some seemingly traditional anniversary gift materials with a personalized twist. Mixing in traditional practical items with a modern gift or experience will definitely impress your guy this anniversary. For example, if he’s a hops connoisseur, order some beer steins unique to him and then surprise him with tickets to a beer festival he’s been wanting to attend.

  1. An Experience He’ll Never Forget

If you really want to blow his mind this anniversary, and you’ve got a little spare change to spend, send your hubby on an experience that he’ll cherish for a lifetime. Whether he loves all things fast and would be thrilled with the chance to drive on a NASCAR course, or he’s an avid sportsman and would adore an extreme mountain biking trip, you can find a variety of experiences to thrill him.

  1. A New Class

Give him the gift of knowledge on this anniversary. If there’s something he’s expressed an interest in learning, look into classes you think he’ll enjoy. If he’s always wanted to rock climb, set him up for a day with an instructor. If he’s confessed a hankering to wield a paintbrush, enroll him in a painting class where he can channel his inner artist. While an anniversary dinner is a classic choice, it can get old—fast. Instead of treating him to dinner, head to a local cooking class where you two can hone your culinary skills. Create a delicious meal together and enjoy your evening feeding each other delicious bites.


  1. Surprise Getaway

Nothing delights more than a surprise getaway, especially if the destination is somewhere he adores. Plan in secret, using your work computer if you have to, and ensure he doesn’t get a peek at what you’re intending. Plan a “fake” celebratory dinner with friends so he won’t have any idea there’s a secret plan underfoot. Pack a bag for him and be ready with a car filled with gas when he gets back from work on Friday evening. Don’t tell him where you’re going, because the surprise is half the fun! Head to your destination and watch his face light up when you get to your intended spot. He’ll love that you took the time to plan for him and be impressed with your ability to keep this exciting event a secret.

  1. A Secret Message

For this anniversary, why not update one of the most important symbols of your marriage? Engrave a sentimental message on the inside of his wedding ring. The biggest hurdle with this one is getting his wedding ring off his finger without him suspecting your motives. Tell him you’re taking your ring and his to get them polished by a professional, and whisk the ring away to an engraver. Once completed, re-gift it to him and let him read the inscription. He’ll be shocked and every time he looks at his ring, he’ll remember his sweet and thoughtful wife.

  1. Boudoir Photo Shoot

This one’s a little saucier, ladies, but it’s a gift your fella will surely appreciate. Hire a photographer to do a boudoir photo shoot and wrap up the prints for your hubby. You can go as tame or wild as you like, but either way it’s sure to be a gift that will knock his socks off. Many brides do this type of photo session before a wedding, so look into local wedding photographers and see if they have any great boudoir photography deals.

  1. A Weeklong Event

Surprise him with a gift every morning during the week leading up to his big day. They need not be big items; one day could be a handwritten note explaining how much you love him, another could be a surprise delivery of his favorite lunch straight to his office, and another may be an at-home massage from his favorite masseuse—you. He will feel like a king all week long, and no doubt his colleagues will be a little green with envy.

Your guy will love any of these awesome surprise gifts and you can make for an anniversary celebration you’ll never forget.


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