Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding Reception



Your wedding should be the day of your dreams, but it doesn’t have to take an exorbitant amount of money to make it so. We’ve compiled the very best ideas for making your ceremony and reception beautiful and affordable, because we want you to have the wedding day you deserve!

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Cut Down on the Guest List

This is one of the hardest things for couples to do when planning their wedding, but you can make it easier with a few tips and tricks. Cut out coworkers, and only allow plus-one’s for spouses and live-in partners. You can also make your wedding an adult-only affair, skipping any guests who are under the age of 18. Wedding charges are often done on a per-person basis, so each person you can take off your list will save you a bundle.


Pick a Different Day

Saturday is the normal go-to day chosen for wedding receptions—that’s what makes it so disastrous for your wallet. Choosing to hold your wedding on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon can save you a bundle, and still serve as an amazing celebration.



When you’re looking for the perfect arrangements for your bouquet and decorations, look to flowers that are in season and compare the costs of several types of flowers. Stick to just two or three kinds of flowers, as mixing and matching can hike up prices and make it harder to find the exact arrangement you’re looking for.

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Dessert Bar

Wedding cakes are surprisingly expensive, and unless you go to recommended professionals, you may end up with a bland treat that your guests don’t even enjoy. Liven up the party and keep what’s in your wallet by electing to do a dessert bar instead. Small sweet treats are easier to eat and often way less expensive than the cake alternative. If you’d still like to follow the cutting the cake tradition, buy a small wedding cake version, or really minimize and cut into a cupcake. Providing chocolate chip cookies and a delivery of chocolate covered berries is easy and inexpensive—and we guarantee your guests will chow down the moment dessert is unveiled.

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Plan Slow and in Advance

If you are able to put off the wedding date for a year or two, you can look to save immensely. Booking so far in advance will ensure you get the space and services of your dreams without competition, and you won’t have to deal with any sudden price hikes if you work out the terms right away.

Venue Stip

Venue without Stipulations

It’s in your best interest to avoid venues that force you to use a specific caterer, DJ, or any other service. The prices are usually jacked up and will prevent you from finding a better match at a lower cost. If you can find a venue that works for both ceremony and reception, you’ll save a bundle. It will save you costs on transportation and you may cut a deal for using the space for a larger chunk of time.


Alcohol is Expensive

This just in: alcohol is extremely expensive. No doubt you’re away, and many choose to handle the expense anyway. If you decide you don’t want to completely cut alcohol out of your wedding, simply cut the liquor. Doing a wedding with just wine and beer can cut the costs immensely and still provide guests with delicious libations for a roaring good time. You can even buy in bulk ahead of time to find even more savings.

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Get with the Times

The cost of stationary and postage can quickly add up into an unexpected expense. Keep your loved ones in the know and keep your money in your wallet by creating a free personal wedding website. This can keep guests updated with any possible changes, and can serve as an alternative to paper save the dates.

Plan Slow

Rely on Family

Family and friends often offer their help during the stressful time of wedding planning, and the biggest mistake you can make is to refuse this free resource. Recruit friends to help you with any DIY decorations, ask loved ones with special skills to contribute to part of your day (e.g. do you know any DJs?), and help you usher guests to their seats. Designate a bridesmaid to make sure you have all the items you need before heading to the ceremony. Whatever you need help with, there’s a person who would love to help you.


Have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of by following these budget-saving tips and create a day that will remain a treasured memory for years to come.

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