Des’s Weekly Devotional: WEEK 9



Happy Sunday!

I hope that you have enjoyed my weekly devotional thus far and look forward to coming back each week. If you are just starting my devotional, then WELCOME! Feel free to go back to read the past weeks or continue on from here for a positive start to your week. Learn why I started these devotionals over on WEEK 1.

Each week will include a message, verse, question, and action to keep at the forefront of your mind and get you through the week on an uplifted note.



A boy you have had a crush on for the past year finally talks to you and you are beyond excited! He is showing interest and every hope is that he will make you his girlfriend. Slow it down before you get ahead of yourself. Infatuation can lead to unhealthy tendencies and thoughts. The feelings that you feel may have been established for a while now and they are very strong. However, it has taken him a little longer and too much attention can and will push him away before you even get the chance for a first kiss.

God made man to be a hunter and pursuer while he made woman to be emotional and caring. These differences make woman over analyze each and every thing man does because we care about the nuances of every text, conversation and meeting. Men, on the other hand, need to feel like men and if they like someone, they will pursue. No analyzing or questioning, just action.

Try not to become overwhelmed with thoughts of him and continue to set your eyes on daily activities that make you happy. A happy woman with a smile on her face will attract the right man over constant attention towards him. Don’t lose yourself while trying to please another; this can become a downward spiral that will lead to a pattern of hurt.

If the guy of your dreams is not into you, understand that maybe God has NOT intended him for you and there’s someone far better out there. He has a plan for your life if you can focus on him over focusing on the love from another.

For added inspiration Wholeheartedly Devotional by Natalie Metrejean is a really great devotional for single ladies to keep your heart set on what God wants for you in a time of singleness.



Verse: Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way. Proverbs 19:2


Do I have a crush on someone who hasn’t shown interest in me? Do I obsess over every word spoken, text, action or lack of?


If the love isn’t panning out the way you would like, try to take a couple days thinking about something or someone else and keep you’re mind off of that person. The more days you take, the less overwhelmed of emotion you will feel and eventually will be able to move past those intense feelings.

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