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Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to host a party for all of my friends at one of my favorite restaurants, Lucia. Of course, it was a time for everyone to meet and mingle, but also a way to share the impact The HER Initiative has had on my life and the lives of women and children in all of the areas they help.

I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic back in July with The HER Initiative, that you can read about HERE, to witness their mission firsthand. My life was forever changed after seeing the severe poverty and lack of clean water in these areas. Playing with the kids and meeting the mothers in different communities made it apparent that education is empowerment. Not only the education we have had the privilege to obtain but the education of health and hygiene that can change the path of these communities for years to come.


Most women and children in these areas, that lack the abundance of clean water along with other necessities, have never been taught the proper way to clean their vegetables, wash their hands or even brush their teeth. How many times as a kid (or adult) have we gone without brushing our teeth out of laziness or opted to not drink a glass of water because it wasn’t bottled? What if we didn’t have the choice.

I really wanted to share my trip and The HER Initiative with my friends so that they could see how we can empower women and children all over the world by giving up a latte or a mani. It takes only $25 to give 25 women and children clean water for a year… A YEAR! Imagine how many women and children could be blessed with clean water if every single one of us gave up something as simple as our daily coffee.


To get the party started I gave everyone 5 raffle tickets to put into whichever donated prize they wanted most! I have to give a special THANK YOU to each and every company that contributed for the party. See each one below.

Julep: Ultimate nail and beauty package

Skoah: Facial

Noir Lash Lounge: Last extensions

Scarlet & Gold: Art prints

The Bloomerie : T-shirt Bundle

Jennie Lou Art: Painted canvas

Sunny & Lo Candles: Candle

The value of each prize shows the number of women and children that can be reached. A different perspective that can save lives.


After some fun mingling, wine passing and pizza, we shared a video from our trip along with the many statistics that just break my heart. You can watch that same video below.

I had such a great time with Kayla, the director of The HER Initiative, and seeing my friends give up their manicure to support #25for25. Each person that signed up to donate #25for25 received a fun bag filled with Julep products for at home manis.

It’s so incredible to see women come together to support other women. We will be taking another trip this December to Guatemala to host another health and hygiene fair, to educate the women, men and children how to properly use clean water.

If you would like to be apart of The HER Initiative, host your own party or give to the mission, you can learn more at



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