BRAIDING SERIES: Elsa Twisted Braid


The braids are back! And this week we are definitely stepping it up a notch. For those of you who are just tuning in to the Braiding Series, you’ve got quite a bit to catch up on and I highly recommend you do so before starting this weeks braided hairstyle!

If you missed last week, please revert back to Part Three to freshen up your braiding skills. Each week you will be learning new techniques as well as incorporating old techniques from previous hair styles to get you one step closer to becoming braiding masters!


Part Four: Elsa Twisted Braid

What you need to know: Who doesn’t love a good Elsa braid?! This hairstyle takes the infamous braid to a whole new level. The Elsa Twisted Braid consists of all techniques and skills you have learned in the past 3 weeks. The first half is twisted, while the bottom is a simple 3-strand braid. All with more of a curly styled hair!

How To:


Step One: Start by tying hair half up into an elastic.


Step Two: Flip the ponytail under to create a half bun & foundation to make your braid appear much larger.



Step Three: Begin to twist a section of hair from the right over to the left & secure with a pin. Repeat this step back and forth, making sure to cover the half bun created.


Step Four: Once you reach the nape of the neck, gather remaining hair together and begin a 3 Strand Braid down the rest of the hair. Secure with an elastic.


Step Five: Stretch out the entire braid to make it more elaborate!


Congrats! You have just completed Part Four of the Braiding Series.


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Amanda @blohaute


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