Des’s Weekly Devotional: WEEK 8



Happy Sunday!

I hope that you have enjoyed my weekly devotional thus far and look forward to coming back each week. If you are just starting my devotional, then WELCOME! Feel free to go back to read the past weeks or continue on from here for a positive start to your week. Also, head back to Week 1 to read why I decided to write these devotionals.

Each week will include a message, verse, question, and action to keep at the forefront of your mind and get you through the week on an uplifted note.



There are many negative messages in the world today that distract us every second.  One of them that continues to increase with each generation is the lie that we must have nice, expensive things to get ahead in this life. We need to be reminded that tangible items do not and cannot determine our worth or happiness. Materialistic items such as the latest gadget or new designer bag are only dollar signs that hold no significance in God’s eyes. He doesn’t care if we have the latest and greatest; He cares only about our heart and actions.

The more we allow money, status and materialistic things to control our lives, the more we ignore God’s true calling in our life to take hold. God has called us to put Him first in all that we do so that He can be our guiding light. Just as a Father wants to help his children in every way possible, He wants us to turn to Him before the quick fixes that money can buy.

When money and status control our mind they become gods that we worship. With that, we are no longer focusing our mind and heart on love, relationship, fellowship and kindness but filling that void with stuff.

Money can buy nice things here on Earth but can it buy us a one-way ticket to heaven?


Matthew 6:24– No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.


Do I care about having nice things to show off or feel I need to have certain items to fit in with my peers? Is my mind consumed by what others have?


Focus your mind on what God wants for you today and push away thoughts of status or new items and clothes you feel you need to fit in.

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