Must Have Pregnancy Items with ‘Mama Boxes’



Congratulations!!!! You’re expecting a wonderful bundle of joy.

Whether this is your first child… or your fifth, I have the perfect treat to make sure those cravings and discomforts are taken care of in the most efficient way possible!

In the past month I have had two very close friends announce they are expecting their first babies and so of course I wanted to share in their joy by sending a gift. I wasn’t really sure what a pregnant women needs in the first trimester to help with the nausea, morning sickness and other hormone inducing troubles so I did what any other childless person would do… I googled it.

What I came across was the same ole thing with lack of appeal to gift a friend. That was until I found Mama Boxes! These care packages for moms-to-be are the best gift anybody could get in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters! From skincare to healthy snacks and supplies, Mama Boxes are on my list for every friend that is ever going to be pregnant… and I’m pretty sure that will be all of them. 😉

Whether you’re expecting or have a friend expecting, check them out for the ultimate mom-to-be bundles at


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