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oVtpXxkqBOF8ONyD29DF_EcJq2GvAFirSSS5nCzaTrAIf you are a creative type that enjoys encouragement, growth, and inspiring messages along with networking and experiencing the beautiful scenery of Napa Valley then the Lav + Fab Conference from Feb 29th to March 3 is for you!!

Along with some incredible speakers, I will be there offering my experience and advice on business, blogging, and how to keep a work/life balance. It will be a 4 day getaway at the beautiful Solage Calistoga in Napa Valley that includes wine tasting, networking and a time to reflect on where you want to see your business or career go. Seats are limited so make sure to register now!

Check out some of the incredible people that will be speaking at the Lav + Fab Conference and get all of the other details at

I can’t wait to see you there! ;

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1) GET INSPIRED by the incredible speakers

2.) LOCATION: The beautiful Solage Calistoga is a relaxing retreat in stunning wine country!

3.) PACKAGE DEALS going on right now

4.) NETWORK!!!! with creatives in all industries

5.) LEARN: Branding, PR, Business, Time Management, Profit, Finding your Niché and MORE!

6.) FUN! Welcome and Closing parties to mingle and have a good time.


8.) GROW!!: A weekend around encouragement can grow your business and ideas far more than one can dream.

9.) YOU DESERVE IT!! Treat yourself to a wonderful vacation and break from the stress of life.

10.) I want to MEET YOU!!!!! 😉

I truly hope you think about joining us and I look forward to seeing you there!

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