Inspiring and Adorable Little Girl’s Bedroom


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Creating a functional yet fun space for a child is one of my favorite things to do when I decorate a home. Designing a space that will look beautiful and stay organized is important to me, but above all, I want my children’s spaces to be inspiring. I want their bedroom to be a resort that will encourage their imagination. I want them to have a retreat where their playful spirits take them to stories and play I wouldn’t think of on my own.

When I began the design for my daughter’s room in our current home, I knew I wanted a safe place for her to escape to. She has two baby brothers who just love to follow her around so she needs a place to hideout occasionally. My first order of business was to order this beautiful (and sensationally girly) teepee from Sugar Shacks Teepees on Etsy. She loves to read in here and it is always a favorite place for her little cousins and her to hide from the boys in.

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The bedding was an easy choice. The set is from Beddy’s Beds. Anyone who lives with someone who has a hard time making the bed everyday needs this bedding! The Beddy’s sets are patented designs that make it so easy for absolutely anyone to make a beautiful bed in seconds. With a hidden zipper, the bed is made in one swoop and perfect for kids of any age. They have tons of designs to choose from for both boys and girls.

For wall decor, I looked for something whimsical to get my daughter’s imagination flowing. I found these amazing wall flowers on Etsy from the lovely shop owners at Flower Voyage Boutique and they immediately take my mind to a secret garden. The flowers are light enough to hang with pins but sturdy enough to last us many years of enjoyment.

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The gallery wall was created with my daughters distinct personality in mind. She loves to play dress up and apply her “makeup” (an assortment of Lip Smackers lip balms) so I wanted to give her a space to hang up her dresses and wings and other girly paraphernalia. That sequin hanger just screams her name and the hints of gold give it the perfect touch of glam. The sequin hanger and gold dot decals can be found on another Etsy favorite shop, Fancy It Pretty. The mirror, wall hooks and wood sign are from Hobby Lobby and the striped hook is from Anthropologie.

The overall space came together like puzzle pieces to create this sweet little getaway. It’s a retreat where we can shut the doors and take off flying into a world with fancy dresses, magic gardens, and secret hiding spots.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Find me on Instagram for more design inspiration @houseof5five.

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Teepee / Beddy’s  Bed Spread / Gold dots and hanger:  Fancy It Pretty / Wall Flowers: Flower Voyage Boutique Anthro Wall hook 

Wall color: Dove White by Benjamin Moore / Bed frame /ChandelierLampDrapes / Frenchie pillow / Striped Pillows / Striped blanket / “Dream Big Little One” Pillow / 



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