Braiding Series: Three Strand Fauxhawk


It’s the best time of the week again…time to start braiding! For those of you who are just tuning in to the Braiding Series, for the next few months we are releasing an exciting list of hair tutorials!

Before we begin Part Three, revert back to the Knotted Half Upstyle Braid from last week if you missed it. Each week you will be learning new techniques as well as incorporating old techniques from previous hairstyles. Making all of you braiding gurus by the New Year!


Part Three: 3 Strand Fauxhawk

What you need to know: While the last two weeks we focused on only using 2 strands, this week we are going to incorporate 3. This is a 3 strand French braid. A French braid always sits underneath and the hair is always crossed over the middle strand.

How To:


Step One: Start by taking a section from the middle of each eyebrow straight back to the crown of your head- clip it up and out of the way.


Step Two: Take the hair in front of your ears on either side and smooth back to right below your center section. Secure right below with a bobby pin.


Step Three: Take down the top section. Grab about an inch of hair and divide into 3 sections. Begin the braid: cross the right strand over the middle strand, then cross the left strand over the middle strand. Repeat this, but begin adding hair in to both the left and right strand as you cross over the center strand.


Step Four: Once you have no more hair to add in, continue a regular 3 strand braid down.


Step Five: Secure with elastic. Bonus* Pull at either side of the braid before securing with elastic to make it appear larger and more dramatic.


Congrats! You have just completed Part Three of the Braiding Series.


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Amanda @blohaute

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