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 You’re all for green smoothies, kale salads and coconut oil. Your husband (boyfriend, partner, fill in the blank) is not. It’s a common tail of dietary struggle. The good news is, a mutual passion for healthier eating can be achieved!

I recently created a 3 part wellness webcast series, “How To Eat Healthy As A Couple” with my husband as the co-host. Wellness webcasts are one of the monthly resources available to Healthy Grocery Girl members. These webcasts cover a variety of popular topics, many of which our member’s request!


Here are a few of the tips my husband and I shared in our webcast series. If you have discovered or developed any tips for eating healthy as a couple, I’d love to know so share with us in the comment section below.


Tips From Megan Roosevelt, RD, Founder of Healthy Grocery Girl

 Make Delicious Food. This may sound obvious, but I find the many healthy eaters are more concerned with calories and quantity than quality. Focus on creating healthy meals that look, smell and taste good first! You can always adjust the quantity later as you and your partner’s palettes adapt to healthier cuisine. If you’re looking for healthy recipes that taste great, my husband and I produce and share free cooking videos every week on the Healthy Grocery Girl YouTube Channel.

Don’t Make A Big Deal About It. Think of healthy food as just food. If you present the meal as vegan or say, “I hope you like this, it’s healthy” this attitude often already present the meal as less desirable.

Once A Week Shop & Cook Together. While this may not be realistic all the time due to jobs, schedule, family etc., if you can find time to explore the grocery store or farmer’s market together you can turn a chore into an experience to explore and try new things. Plus, if you cook together he can adjust the recipes to his liking and it’s just way more fun! I have discovered that a lot of men love to cook!



Tips From Aaron Roosevelt, COO at Healthy Grocery Girl + Megan’s Husband

 If You Love To Grill, Get Creative With Veggies. Most men love to grill, myself included. Get creative with hearty vegetables such as sweet potatoes, zucchini and even eggplant! Coconut oil is great for grilling.

Go Big On Sauce! Delicious sauces can turn the most undesirable vegetable into a delicious meal. BBQ, Chipotle, Cashew Cream, Creamy Avocado Sauce… The HGG Member Site has some great homemade sauce and salad dressing recipes that are easy to make.

Transition. You don’t have to make drastic changes overnight. Find a few recipes you both really enjoy that are healthier & start with those. Be open to trying new ingredients, new produce and new flavors. Our taste buds can develop and change so if you don’t like a certain vegetable today you may change your mind in 3 weeks (especially if it’s prepared correctly and deliciously!)



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