Chris’s Corner: Sunglasses for Water



Hey Corner followers!

I know, I know…it’s been forever, but at least we’ve come together again here!

This week I wanted to mention something that has been on my mind lately…well actually on my head and covering up my eyes. Even though the fall season is upon us, here in Seattle it still feels like we are getting some last minute summer days. The weather is beautiful and the air is crisp and clean… and I can’t see a thing! I don’t know if it’s my eyes or not, but I literally spend more than half the day squinting.

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what a good pair of glasses would be to keep me from getting wrinkly eyes and squinting so much and then I came across Solve sunglasses. I don’t know if this is a fact, but I heard that Seattle is one of the top 10 places where sunglasses are purchased! If that is true, then I fall right into that category because I am constantly looking for a pair of glasses that help.


When I ran across Solve I loved the feel and on top of that, they have polarized glasses. That may not be a big deal to you, but I need them – period. One of the coolest parts about my Solve sunglasses is that for every pair of glasses you purchase, they give someone in need of clean water, clean water for life! Not only am I buying sunglasses that I need, I’m helping someone who needs one of the most essential elements to live. Check out their site here and see what they have to say…maybe even poke around and see if you like what you…see!

Hit me up if you have any questions about why I can’t see or why I like these glasses so much. I’m sure you’ll see me wearing them around town or on Insta, naturally.

Over and out corner followers!

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