Halloween Home Decor: DIY Sequin Pumpkin


Hey there! Michaela here with a fun new DIY!  

How in world is it October already?! Fall is my favorite season, so naturally I’m excited about the changing of the leaves, boots weather, and some cute fall decor. Since I have a small apartment, I don’t like to overdo the decorations. Just a few simple touches and I call it good. I found a mini pumpkin and some gold sequins I thought would be fun to adorn the pumpkin with. I headed home to create a little DIY sequin pumpkin and I’m here today to share it with all of you!

 Materials: pumpkin, craft glue (mixed with a little water to spread easier), two sizes of gold sequins.

Step 1: spread your glue and water concoction on the bottom half of the pumpkin.

Step 2: put the larger sequins on the glue. 

Step 3: Add more glue to the next half of the pumpkin and stick your smaller sequins on that portion of the glue.


Viola! There’ my only little decorated pumpkin for the year. What are you going to do to decorate for Autumn?



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