Rustic Michigan Barn Wedding



“The thought of the sun warming my shoulders and the wind gently blowing my veil as I walked down the aisle was all I had ever dreamed of since I was a little girl.”–The Bride

All of Sam’s childhood dreams came true–and all the ones she came up with after getting engaged to her boyfriend Christian (like most brides, she had her Pinterest wedding planned before the proposal). Their wedding was everything rustic, with a beautiful mix-and-matched sensibility. The bridesmaids each wore a different dress and an assortment of old crates greeted guests at the ceremony site where the bride and groom wed under a white arbor.

During cocktail hour, guests could take a vintage, bottled soda from tarnished tin vessels and play Jenga, ring toss, or bean bag toss. Afterwards, they were ushered into an open-sided barn where round paper lanterns suspended from the rafters, giving the event a sense of whimsy.

For centerpieces, Sam used old books, glass vases, and mason jars wrapped in burlap and lace and set up two beautiful tableaus: a window pane featuring Sam and Christian’s relationship milestones and a stunning dessert table made out of barrels topped with a plank. A naked cake decorated with berries sat on top, flanked by cupcakes in colored wrappers. Each and every detail told the love story of the couple–and the love they had for their family and friends as they all danced the night away beneath the paper lanterns.

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