8 Halloween Costume Ideas Everyone Will LOVE


It’s that time of year for scary movie marathons, candy corn feasts, and pumpkin carving parties with your girlfriends. But the best part of all? Costume shopping! Whether you want to go fairy tale chic or 90’s girl goth, this is the time to be whoever you’ve always wanted to be.



Trade your legs for a fin and be part of Ariel’s world with a mermaid costume. This one is for all the girls who have a sneaking suspicion that they have mermaid souls and belong to the sea.


Black Widow

Yes, with great power comes great responsibility–responsibility to rock a superhero costume and represent the woman who plays with the big boys. Black Widow herself.



In honor of the cult movie that brought us such eloquent phrases like, “Ugh, as if!” we present the classic Clueless costume. Bonus points to anyone who carries along a 90’s cellphone the size of their head.



At the end of the day, we are all Holly Golightly, standing outside a window and dreaming of things just beyond our reach–unless it’s Halloween Night, the one time anything is anyone’s, including a black dress, a carelessly elegant cigarette holder, and an insouciant demeanor that would make Holly proud.


No one mourns the wicked…but they will always remember a great fashion statement (its about being popular, remember?). Just be sure to remind everyone that it is “Guh-linda, with a ‘Guh’.”

Short on time or tight on money?

Don’t worry! These accessories are just as fun as a full costume.


All you need to add is some fire engine red lipstick, big black sunnies, and lots of hairspray to create the pinup perfect pompadour!


Find the favor of the gods with a costume that pays homage to Pegasus (who, you might remember, is the white and blue horse in the Disney movie Hercules). Tease your hair into a horse worthy mane and slip in the headband.



Get your Great Gatsby on with a flapper headband and a string of pearls. Complain about the heat and play a heartbreaking game of “I love him! No, I don’t!”


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