Des’s Weekly Devotional: WEEK 5



Happy Sunday!

I hope that you have enjoyed my weekly devotional thus far and look forward to coming back each week. If you are just starting my devotional, then WELCOME! Feel free to go back to read the past weeks or continue on from here for a positive start to your week.

Each week will include a message, verse, question, and action to keep at the forefront of your mind and get you through the week on an uplifted note.



Have you ever done something nice for someone and never received a thank you for it? It doesn’t feel good when we aren’t acknowledged for our kind efforts or thoughtful deeds. Regardless of a response we must continue to act in ways of kindness, expecting nothing else in return. We don’t know what is going on in someone else’s life. They may appreciate your gesture but don’t know how to tell you or are consumed by other things that have happened throughout the day. Don’t let that discourage you from complimenting, helping, and reassuring others.

A prime example of this is Jesus, who never gave up on helping others. If a blind man needed help, he would heal him regardless of his position, status, looks, shortcomings or return. If someone didn’t have food to eat, he would feed him. The stories and acts of kindness that Jesus bestowed upon people are endless, even after continuous persecution for his miracles and teachings.

We must try to be an example for others each day, just as Jesus should be our only example of how to live. You may not be rewarded with a “thank you” or a pat on the back here on earth but God will reward you in heaven for acting in ways of kindness and you never know when you may need a kind word or helping held from another.



Do I stop opening doors, helping classmates, or stop being there for friends when I feel they don’t appreciate it? How can I stay positive and continue to help others regardless of a returned favor?


In all things, ask yourself the question,”What would Jesus do?” Be aware of ways you can help others today.

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