Fall Style Ideas for Your Baby Bump


Contrary to popular belief, there is such thing as “maternity style” and it doesn’t have anything to do with shapeless tops or elastic waistbands. Yes, there are ways to keep stylish when you’re expecting and with fall fashion in full swing, there are a variety of ways to look chic. Sweats are a great choice for comfort, but try these style ideas when you want a more pulled together look.


Stripes. Every woman has heard the horror styling stories of wearing horizontal stripes, but don’t let the myths faze you. Wearing stripes doesn’t automatically make you appear larger. It’s all about the fit of the shirt or dress you’re wearing. A boat neck, long-sleeved striped shirt is cute for fall in basics like black and white. Or, a striped tee dress can also be a simple and stylish choice especially when paired with booties.


Bold colors. Flaunt that beautiful belly and embrace color. Fall hues like burgundy, forest green and navy will keep you right on trend. Match what looks best with your skin tone and don’t shy away from color blocking when mixing and matching your outfits.


Heels. Swollen ankles or sky high stilettos might make you fear wearing heels, but as long as they’re comfortable to you with a solid support, feel free to give your flats a rest and polish your look by pairing nearly anything with heels.


Standout accessories. Collar necklaces, beautiful scarves, and cuff bracelets are great fall jewelry trends to add to your look. There is a color, style, fabric, and metal for every style preference during pregnancy. Having trouble with your engagement or wedding rings fitting? Your fingers will likely be swelling up, so consider looking at fake engagement rings in bigger sizes to find one to replace your original. You don’t have to sacrifice your love affair with jewelry to your pregnancy symptoms!


Flowy skirts. Flowy doesn’t mean “not fitted.” Though it might feel like more of a pain to try clothes on while pregnant, doing so can make sure you’re getting pieces that fit you properly. Many women gain the majority of their weight in their belly alone, meaning that buying extra-large sizes might not always be necessary. You don’t want your clothes to swallow you. Have the clothes fit to your body not the other way around.


Capes. Last year, capes were one of the biggest trends off the fall runways and it’s a style that isn’t going anywhere. The movement of the cape works well for pregnant ladies because it fits around the bump not against it. Snag a classic color like sapphire blue or dark gray or get creative with patterns like plaid or a floral motif. Capes are perfect to wear for every day as a cover-up in the fall, but also when putting together a specific outfit. They dress up a crisp, white shirt and jeans immediately and add an extra flair to a solid-colored outfit.


Make up. Switching up your make up routine is an easy way to change your style. Say goodbye to the punchy colors of summer and invite in darker hues for fall. Play with your look and try fall trends like plum eyeliner, warmer peachy cheeks, and different nail colors such as scarlet reds or bronzes.

The best thing about style is that you can plan it based on how you feel on any given day. With fall fashion you can transition your summer wardrobe, so you’re not faced with buying several new pieces. Layer your tank tops and t-shirts with button-down shirts, cardigans, or jackets in fabrics like leather and denim.

Take your skirts and dresses into fall by adding leggings or tights when the weather turns cooler. Adapt your clothes to your growing belly. If you are further along and don’t want to stretch out your clothes, visit your favorite stores and boutiques and ask if they have a maternity section. The styles will be similar, but in sizes accommodating to pregnant women. With that being said, depending on what stage of your pregnancy you’re in, it might not be time to visit the maternity section quite yet. You may just need a size larger or wear your current clothes in a new way. Experiment with your style; that’s half the fun!

When it comes to jewelry mix up your metals by wearing rose gold with silver or add in different textures and styles. Fall fashion like sunglasses and hats won’t be affected by the different stages of your pregnancy. Fedoras and newsboy caps are a fun way to usher in the switch of seasons.

Most of all when it comes to maternity style, be confident in what you’re wearing. Flaunt your fashions and own the individuality behind your look. Your baby will be happy to have a mama so stylish.

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