Wedding Day Tips to Choosing the Right Jewelry


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Finding a dream wedding dress is the most exhilarating feeling a bride experiences during wedding planning, but finding the right jewelry is a also a vital part in creating the entire look.

If you’re unsure of what pieces to pair with your wedding gown then you have come to the right place! I’m breaking down some guidelines to remember when searching for that perfect jewelry. 


If your dress is a strapless gown: (bracelet optional for all)

* A statement earring with no necklace

* A statement necklace with small earring

* A dainty necklace with small earring


If your dress is V-neckline:

* A dangle drop necklace with matching earring

* A drop earring, no necklace

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If your dress has a high neckline:

* Small earring with bracelet


If your dress is fully or partially beaded:

* Match shade of beading with jewelry.


If your dress is lace:

* Jewelry that has a clear sparkle to it or a pearl will pair nicely with lace

Shop my Desiree for KV Bijou jewelry collection for more options and you’ll be well on your way to a completed wedding day look!

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  • Dani

    This is perfect! Where can I find your hair comb or clip in the first picture?

    • desireehartsock

      Hi Dani! The clip in the first photo was actually beading taken from my dress and just pinned into my hair. Twigs and Honey has some beautiful hair pieces though that you could check out.

      • Dani

        Thank you, Desiree! I will check them out! And thanks for just being an awesome human 🙂