Des’s Weekly Devotional: WEEK 4




Hi everyone!

I hope that you have enjoyed my weekly devotional thus far and look forward to coming back each week. I have many more weeks in store for you and plan to keep this going each Sunday. If you are just starting my devotional, then WELCOME! 🙂 Feel free to go back to read the past 3 weeks or continue on from here for a positive start to your week.

My weekly devotional is meant to be an encouraging source for you as you experience heartbreak, school struggles, relationship issues, friendship misunderstandings, fallouts, insecurities, adversity, hurt and and the never ending drama of being a teenager (or adult). I want to emphasize God’s love and will in your life each and every week. If you don’t believe in God, please don’t let that stop you from taking in the weekly inspiration as you may relate to many of the stories being shared.

Each week will include a message, verse, question, and action to keep at the forefront of your mind and get you through the week on an uplifted note.



When good things happen to us we can’t help but feel excited and on top of the world. Let’s say for instance you finally got the best grade in the class, won the game for the entire team, or gave a flawless presentation at work. It’s important to celebrate the good things that happen in our lives, but it’s even more important to keep a steady head and humble heart about it.  We can’t let an achievement affect the way we think or act towards the opposing team, other classmates or co-workers.

Try not to lose humility or begin to feel entitled to anything more because of a big win. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring or if our talents and skills will continue in the same way. In all of the good things that life will offer us, it’s best to hold our tongue and be grateful for the favor and praise without bragging or becoming too proud.

God loves a humble heart.  He will continue to be your support and strength, helping you to succeed in all that you do. The more you can turn to Him with gratitude for the gifts He gave you, the more pride has no power to make way into your life.




Do I ever feel entitled or superior to others when I succeed at something?



When something good happens to you today, thank God for it and when others are proud of something they achieved, acknowledge them with a compliment. Stay humble in all that you do.

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